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Look back, but don't stare

This is something I often say to my clients.

And something I had to learn myself as I walked through unsatisfying relationships and family heartbreak during my thirties. It was also a lightbulb moment during my formal studies in Clinical Social Work, mediation, and counselling.

You see, I’ve not always been a relationship expert. When I was younger I struggled with a lack of awareness of my role in relationships and I had no idea why they seemed to fail. During my formal training, I gained insight into the importance of attachment; a psychology theory that explains how our emotional and physical needs for connection in childhood are critical to our personal development throughout our life. Neuroscience has also showed me that how we learn to connect in childhood directly impacts how we connect with our partners as adults and the way we raise our own children.

You are here because you are looking for answers.

  • Maybe you struggle to communicate effectively. Perhaps there are “hot topics” in your house that end in explosion. You may feel as if you can’t address certain issues with your children or partner without tears and recrimination
  • Or maybe everything looks OK on the outside in your family, but there’s something off – a disconnect – perhaps between you and your children, or your partner, or all of you. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but there are barriers up
  • Perhaps you know your relationship is in trouble. There’s been infidelity, or separation, or illness, and you’ve hit a real rough patch
  • Or you might be single and craving some support and advice as you venture back out there into the dating scene

Does it feel like I’ve just shone a spotlight straight into your home and heart?

After all, who better to coach you than someone who has run the gauntlet themselves? I have been a single parent and raised four children, two with different needs and for the last 13 years I have been in a loving, supportive and fun relationship with an amazing man.

After years of running a busy private practice in Brisbane, Australia, I launched into the online space so that anyone could access my services from around the world. Through online platforms, I teach others what I had to learn myself:

How to overcome the patterns of negative behaviour

I carried with me and build healthy relationships with the people I love.

I see the light you don’t yet recognise in yourself. I’ll hold onto it for you until you’ve found your way

I work with:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Couples
  • Parents

I’ve developed a therapeutic model to use in my work with you. I call it your ‘therapeutic toolbox’. It’s where we store how we learned to connect and get our needs met from birth through to childhood, all the way through to today.

Together I help you get clear on what’s in your way.

If you can’t see it you can’t change it

  • I don’t talk at you
  • I don’t make you relive anything

I give you specific advice on how to make the changes you feel you need.

I’m direct, solution focused, and not judgmental. My clients say I’m not like any other therapist they’ve ever worked with.

I’ve had my fair share of difficulties and understand what it takes to make lasting changes for a happier, more fulfilling relationships and life.

To find out different ways you can work with me head to my WORK WITH ME page

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