5 Things we want in our relationships

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5 Things we want in our relationships

Top 5 Things we want in our relationships

When you think about what we want there must be lots really.  But the research says that there are five things that we all want time and time again they absolutely want.  Whether we are married or living together, same sex couples or not people all seem to have the same set of things that they want from a relationship.

  1. Respect

I can understand why this is number one – if our partner doesn’t respect us or we are not respectful to our partner then it will cause some significant issues in our relationships.

  1. Trust

Trust is number two and again it is something we might expect.  Without trust it erodes the relationship. Stops us from really connecting and feeling safe with our partner so trust is very important.

  1. Laugher and Playfulness

I was a bit surprise with number three however it really does resonate for me as I love to laugh and have fun in my relationship.  Laughing and having fun with and being playful is really important.

  1. Time and Connection

Most women would agree that this is right up there.  Sometimes these two things can be mutual exclusive.  So having time may not feel like your connected and also being connected can also take a short period of time.    I think that feel like we matter to another person and they are willing to slow down and spend some time with us and connect with us is usually very important to us.

  1. Being Physically Attracted to Each Other

Early in the relationship this is often the focus but in longer term relationships I think many people think not.  I’m 50 and I’ve been in my relationship a long while and I guess in our relationships no matter how long for we want to be in a relationship with someone who we are attracted to.

Are these 5 things something you find important in your relationship or do you have a completely different list?

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