Abandonment and Rejection

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Abandonment and Rejection

Today I wanted to talk to you about abandonment and rejection.

Yes, pause there for a second, really challenging words for a lot of people.  I think that most of us struggle with the idea of being abandoned or rejected and they are words we use but I think for a lot of people the mere thought of somebody leaving them can feel devastating and like they may never recover from it.

I guess the reason we struggle with abandonment and rejection is because many of us feel like it is a very personal personal attack on who we are.  For some it can feeling like there something intrinsic wrong about who they are as a human being that makes them feel unworthy of  another persons love and attention and affection.

Abandonment and rejection are things I guess that start really early in life and for some people when you have had a challenging time as a young child it’s possible that the mere thought of someone leaving you can send you into a tailspin.

It’s an attachment wound – I talk about attachment wounds a lot but it’s a wound from your history.

It doesn’t mean you’re defective there is nothing wrong with you – you are just activated when you feel people pull away.

There are lots of things you can do about that and you can read some more information on my website in my blogs about childhood and how it impacts your parenting and relationships today.

You can also come onto the online services area of my website and you will find some inexpensive downloadables that you can use to help with relationship issues.

I also provide programs –  I have a six-week program called “Rewire your Brain for Better Relationships” and I have other programs where I work one-on-one with people to heal some of their attachment wounds.

Any way for today it been great talking to you.

Bye guys.

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Debbi Carberry is a clinical social worker in private practice in Brisbane, Australia where she specialises in relationship transformation. She has helped hundreds of women and couples who were struggling in their various relationships. If you feel that you would like some additional support in your relationship click here to find out about Debbi’s ground-breaking online course, “Rewire your Brain for Better Relationships”.

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