Your attachment style is:
Anxious Attachment

If this is your predominant way of connecting with others you will love to be as close as you can to your romantic partners. You long for and crave connection and intimacy.

You may fear that your partner doesn’t want to be as close to you as you do to him/her. You may also doubt their love for you.

When you begin a relationship it can feel all-consuming and you may spend lots of time thinking about the relationship. You may also feel like you are on an emotional roller coaster ride with intense feelings of happiness but some strong fears about how the relationship will progress.

You can be very sensitive to your partner’s moods and actions, and often attribute negative thoughts to them (that they are angry or upset with you or something you have done). You may also take their behaviour really personally and want to ‘fix’ things for them.

You may become upset easily and feel a lot of negative emotions in the relationship especially if you feel your partner is not listening to you, paying attention to you feel like they are pulling away from you. As a result of these thoughts and feelings, you might act out and be very emotional, saying and doing things that you regret later.

You may struggle to set appropriate boundaries in your relationship. You may also give more in the relationship than your partner does.

You may get involved in relationships very quickly and want the relationship to progress to a commitment as soon as possible.

Women who complete this quiz often message me and let me know that it was spot on! I hope that was the case for you!

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Women who know what they want and need in a relationship but who keep coming up with the same problems and issues (and sometimes even the same types of partners) over and over again.

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This questionnaire is not a clinic tool and provides a general indication of your attachment style only. For more information about attachment styles and wounds check out my six-week online relationships program.

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