Your attachment style is:
Secure Attachment

You feel comfortable and loving in a committed relationship.

You enjoy intimacy and connection and you do not spend time worrying about your relationships.

You are able to go with the flow when it comes to love and romance and you don’t often get upset about relationship issues.

You are a good communicator and you are able to easily and comfortably share your needs and feelings with your partner. You are also able to read and understand your partner’s emotional cues and then respond to them appropriately.

You share your successes, worries or concerns with your partner and you are able to be there for them if they need you.

You are able to set appropriate boundaries. The level of give and take in the relationship is fairly even.

You tend to start relationships slowly, getting to know your partner over time.

This questionnaire is not a clinic tool and provides a general indication of your attachment style only. For more information about attachment styles and wounds check out my six-week online relationships program.

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