Can we have it all?

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When I think back to when my mother was my age – her choices were fairly limited and restricted. Now we can actually have a lot more than our mothers did – but I think with the freedom to have more than at any other time in our lives.  Maybe it's too much.  Maybe everything [...]

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5 Things we want in our relationships

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Top 5 Things we want in our relationships When you think about what we want there must be lots really.  But the research says that there are five things that we all want time and time again they absolutely want.  Whether we are married or living together, same sex couples or not people all seem [...]

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Treat your partner like you would a complete stranger

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Treat your partner like you would a complete stranger There are many times that we show more appreciation or gratitude to the people who are closest to us and that we love the most. Today (make that every day) how about you take a little time and stop and show the people you love the [...]

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Conscious Connection 

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Lets talk about conscious connection.   Connecting in a conscious way and thinking about the way you do that in your closest relationships. Here are a few of tips for you Eat together Sounds simple but without distraction – sit down together and actually and eat a meal together – really good simple idea - I [...]

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Separation and Kids

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Separation and kids What is the biggest issue for kids when it comes to divorce and separation? What most people will say to me in my clinic is - we should keep families intact as that is really important for kids – and when I speak to kids they say I wish they didn’t! So [...]

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