Speaking to be Heard

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Communication - Speaking to be Heard Speaking to be heard and listening to hear. It seems really simple - people talk to us all of the time but I wonder how often you really listen? We speak so that the other person can hear us but sometimes for those that we love and care about [...]

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Intimacy – In To Me See

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Intimacy – In To Me See I am just wondering which one you are?  The person who is groaning saying oh no not intimacy or the other one who is like yeah intimacy great!! This is what I see in my clinic.  Some people are really keen to learn, talk about and enjoy intimacy and [...]

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How does your history affect your parenting and your relationship?

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How does your history affect your parenting and your relationship?  What’s the relationship legacy that we leave our kids? Think about it  - what legacy did your parents give you? How did they deal with conflict? How did they communicate with each other? Where they living together or apart? What did it look like growing [...]

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Mindful Moments

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Today I want to talk with you about how busy our lives can feel and how many people live in overwhelm a lot of the time.    There is always a ton of stuff to do. I want to help you grab yourself some time – lots of people think that taking some time out means [...]

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Unhelpful Thinking Habits

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Unhelpful Thinking Habits  - Stop listening to the noise in your mind! Your brain does not always tell you the truth – don’t believe your thoughts. There are so many unhealthy thinking habits that people have and they can really get in the way of us having a happy fulfilling connected life. Some of them [...]

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