Can you be too needy?

2018-01-30T14:22:15+10:00By |Adults, Couples, Men, Women|

Today I want to talk about needs, and in particular about being needy.   I often hear people say these words: He tells me I’m too needy She wants too much She is way too needy It’s true for some people – they do think that some people are too needy and require too much from [...]

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Loving Yourself

2018-01-30T14:22:15+10:00By |Adults, Couples, Parenting, Women|

Today I want to talk to you about loving yourself and letting other people love you too. What I've noticed in my clinic, with women in particular, is when they need love the most – they feel like they deserve it the least. When we are in a space of anger, shame or maybe dealing [...]

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Guilt and Shame

2018-01-30T14:22:15+10:00By |Adults, Couples, Women|

Lets talk about guilt and share and how these two words cause a bit of stress for a lot of people.  Its interesting that alot of people get these meaning of these words mixed up. Let’s get into a definition to start with.  Guilt is generally described as I did something wrong – Ive made [...]

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Critical Inner Voice

2018-01-30T14:22:15+10:00By |Adults, Couples, Women|

Today I’d like to talk to you about that pesky critical voice inside your head.  For most of us there is a noise that kind of sits on our shoulder that says: You are not: Good enough Smart enough You are: Too big Too small Too tall Too thin You don’t earn enough You’re not [...]

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Conflict – Flight Fright or Freeze

2018-01-30T14:22:15+10:00By |Adults, Couples, Men, Women|

Conflict - Fight, Flight or Freeze Today I want to talk to you about conflict and how it impacts your brain. I am a relationship coach and clinical social worker.  What we know is that when we feel threatened and conflict can often make us feel like we are being threatened.    We can get into [...]

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