Can we have it all?

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Can we have it all?

When I think back to when my mother was my age – her choices were fairly limited and restricted.

Now we can actually have a lot more than our mothers did – but I think with the freedom to have more than at any other time in our lives.  Maybe it’s too much.  Maybe everything is way too much.

In my clinic on a regular basis, women tell me that they are so busy.  That there is no time for anything and that at the end of their day they collapse into their beds exhausted.

I generally say – “get people to help you out”.  Women will say to me “who will help me out – I have to do it – if I don’t do it – it won’t get done”.

I help women with their relationships, all relationships – with their partner, their kids and the relationship they have with themselves (which is probably the most important one).

I think it is easy today to get overwhelmed – we have our kids our partners our homes our jobs (as many of us also work outside of home).  In addition to that, we have plenty of other things that we want to get done each day.

Then there is our family of origin – it just gets crazy.

To help you manage overwhelm and move into flowing here are some tips

  1. Multitasking – it’s not a good idea

When we try to do too many things at once what happens is none of them are done well.

  1. Be careful with your lists

I am a list maker myself and they can be helpful.  But generally, women put way too much onto their list and at the end of the day; if you haven’t completed the list you can be left feeling like there was so much more you SHOULD have gotten done.

So put two or three things on your list and back off with some of the other things that are not so important.  I know you may think that it is all important, but trust me there are things that can come off the list.  Prioritise – take things off the list or delegate.

  1. Imperfect is absolutely delicious

There is no rule that it has to be perfect.  Kids can help with chores and you are right, they won’t do it like you do it.  But they can help – so let them help.  Give yourself permission to just do your best – which sometimes isn’t perfect and that is absolutely fine.

  1. Get mindful

Get into your moment.  So many of us get stuck in our history or looking into the future and we don’t spend a lot of time in the present moment.  This can be really overwhelming in and of itself.  As so many of us are constantly looking at what we need to do next.

When we look into our moment it can be a real relief.  In this moment, what do I have to get done?  In reality,that is all that we have after all.  This very moment we are in.  This is the only space we truly have.

To wrap it up.  If you want to move out of overwhelm and into overflow you need to Keep It Simple Sweetie –  KISS !!

Go back to basics

Eat well

Get 8 hours sleep a night 7 at the absolute minimum

Exercise everyday

Get playful – take some time in each day to have some fun

Have a gratitude practice daily – as gratitude helps our mental state and keeps us more in flow


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