Food and your Childs Behaviour

If you ask most parents they will say that when their kids eat food high in sugar they become more “hyped up”. Research suggests that many children will consume up to 70 kilos of sugar each year and this is mostly from carbonated soft drink and fruit juices although there are many other culprits that [...]

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How to help kids with anxiety who seek constant reassurance

How to help kids with anxiety who seek constant reassurance Children who experience anxiety may seek constant reassurance from their parents about the same situation over and over again and this can become an unhelpful way of coping. It is natural to want to reassure a distressed child but providing constant reassurance to a child who [...]

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Coping with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Most people will feel worried or anxious from time to time and in some circumstances it can be helpful as it assists us to feel alert and focused.   However when a person is experiencing GAD, they feel anxious and worried for a lot of the time and it interferes with their lives. Approximately one in [...]

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Building Resilience in Children

Resilience can be defined as a person’s capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or challenging situations.  It plays an important role in minimising the effects of difficult situations that people experience and helps them overcome adversity.  It is about thriving in life, despite our circumstances. The World Health Organisation has predicted that depression will be [...]

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What is Social Anxiety Disorder

What is social anxiety or social phobia- it is the most common anxiety disorder and is thought to affect 1 in 10 people at some time in their lives.  Social phobia tends to begin in childhood and of the 43 per cent of children with social anxiety it is believed that up to 30 per cent [...]

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