How does your history affect your parenting and your relationship?

How does your history affect your parenting and your relationship?  What’s the relationship legacy that we leave our kids? Think about it  - what legacy did your parents give you? How did they deal with conflict? How did they communicate with each other? Where they living together or apart? What did it look like growing [...]

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Loving Yourself

Today I want to talk to you about loving yourself and letting other people love you too. What I've noticed in my clinic, with women in particular, is when they need love the most – they feel like they deserve it the least. When we are in a space of anger, shame or maybe dealing [...]

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How to raise a confident (and happy) child

How to raise a confident child?  This is a question that I hear from so may parents each year. If we look at what being confident means for children it’s the ability to see their own strengths and positive attributes and know they can rely on themselves. Happiness, of course, can mean many things but dictionaries state [...]

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Are you carrying your dysfunctional childhood into adult AND parent hood?

At lot of my clients are women and a significant proportion come to see me because they are afraid that their dysfunctional childhood may be negatively impacting on their relationship with a partner and the way they parent. Conversations often begin with “I swore I would never be like my mother” or they explain that [...]

Self Compassion

How can we make painful experiences a little easier to cope with?  Through Self Compassion! At some time in our lives, we will all experience something that causes us incredible emotional pain, grief, loss or illness, or maybe something happening to someone we love dearly. There is a quote that I share with others by [...]

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