Are you carrying your dysfunctional childhood into adult AND parent hood?

At lot of my clients are women and a significant proportion come to see me because they are afraid that their dysfunctional childhood may be negatively impacting on their relationship with a partner and the way they parent. Conversations often begin with “I swore I would never be like my mother” or they explain that [...]

How come Mother’s Day wasn’t what I expected

I have three beautiful young adult children who I am endlessly proud of. Though they are adults I will be always be their mother, even once I have left this planet. I will never stop worrying about them and still watch them just like I did when they were little.  I still have to take [...]

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Self Compassion

How can we make painful experiences a little easier to cope with?  Through Self Compassion! At some time in our lives, we will all experience something that causes us incredible emotional pain, grief, loss or illness, or maybe something happening to someone we love dearly. There is a quote that I share with others by [...]

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Strategies for Angry Mums

Strategies for Angry Mums Being a Mum is a really challenging job, I have four kids and I do recall when they were younger feeling like I was losing my mind. Today things are different my kids are aged 19 to 12 and I have to say some stuff is way easier and some [...]

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Negotiating a sexual/intimate relationship as a young person

As a parent of an adolescent child or young person, is your first response to sexuality education “Help, I don’t know what I’m doing!” “How much do I tell them?” “They will learn what they need to know at school” “It isn’t happening for my child, so I don’t need to think or worry about [...]

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