Effects of Menopause on Mental Health

Hormonal changes happen to all women as we age and these reproductive hormones can play havoc with our emotions. The effects of menopause and perimenopause on mental health usually begin during our forties with many women finishing this transition in their early fifties. As estrogen levels fall there a number of physical and psychological symptoms that many [...]

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Five Unspoken Things Parents Will Share With Me

Debunking the Myths Parents today are fed images of what a good mother, father and family looks like in the media.  From TV shows to advertising - most of the families portrayed are all glowing pink and smiling.  Family interactions are often seen as joyful and relaxed and parents are wise. There is little [...]

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Why Aren’t You Worth It!

Women have many roles these days. Apart from the usual mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, students and workers we also juggle careers and family activities and seem to constantly be on the go. Many women I see in my clinic feel overwhelmed, lack energy and are struggling in many of the roles that they perform daily. [...]

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