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Conscious Connection 

Lets talk about conscious connection.   Connecting in a conscious way and thinking about the way you do that in your closest relationships.

Here are a few of tips for you

Eat together

Sounds simple but without distraction – sit down together and actually and eat a meal together – really good simple idea – I know families get busy but you can spend 20 minutes just sitting down together and actually enjoying your meal

Have a conversation

Sit with your partner and have a conversation again no distractions – but not about the kids, the bills or the day to day humdrum boring stuff – but talk about things that are interesting – something that you have seen – something you know something you might have recently learned.  Also as relationships progress it’s important to connect and talk about your hopes, dreams and aspirations for the future about yourself and for the relationship and family.  Spend 10 minutes and talk about what you are looking forward to.

Do something

People think you have to spend lots of time with your partner to have a good relationship, but I don’t think this is accurate.  I think that what is important is making sure that you do spend some time together doing something.  Try these

  • Learn a language
  • Walk
  • A joint activity
  • Dancing
  • Golf

Put a side a little time to do a shared activity that is a bit of fun.

Something Essential

Be a soft place to fall for your partner.  If life is hard and we feel hurt, upset or things are difficult – we need a safe space to be able to talk about and explore this.  In these moments we don’t want advice we don’t want problem-solving – but we want our partner to hear us and feel our distress and say YES I am here for you and I am on your team.


This is a really important aspect of all relationships.  No just sexual touch but also the no sexual kind to.  We all need touch humans are hard-wired for this.  Hug your partner, kiss, hold hands.  Spend some time reaching our and physically connecting with your partner.

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