Express Yourself

Express Yourself

Hi everybody Debbi Carberry here from Today I want to talk to you about expressing yourself effectively.  We all express ourselves right?  And we all do that in a number of ways.

What I want to talk to you about today is how to express yourself so that you are really heard and understood and a couple of really good tips on this are things like:

  1. Make sure when you you are expressing yourself its not a winners/losers situation where one person is going to win this and the other person will have to lose
  2. If you go into a discussion with the intention of winning then someone in this conversation will come away from it really distressed

Another issue that helps us to be heard and understood is to really remember to not be mean and snarly when you are fighting. Fight clean fight fair. Do not ciriticise, belittle or name call or be disrespectful.  These kinds of communication can be toxic to a relationship and can shut down any communication that can be effective at all.

When all else fails remember boundaries when you are expressing yourself – remember if you are trying to express yourself to someone and they are not respectful to you or listening to you then it is really important that you set some boundaries with that person.

Let them know what you want and need, let them know that is unacceptable behaviour to you and if they are behaving in a way that is unacceptable to you. Let them know that.

Okay so just a couple of tips on ways to express yourself to be heard.

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Debbi Carberry is a clinical social worker in private practice in Brisbane, Australia where she specialises in relationship transformation. She has helped hundreds of women and couples who were struggling in their various relationships. If you feel that you would like some additional support in your relationship click here to find out about Debbi’s ground-breaking online course, “Rewire your Brain for Better Relationships”.

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