Learn to Love
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24th – 28th January

We will be covering …

  • Connecting Through Communication
    I will show you how to manage strong emotions so that you are able to remain calm and express what you want and need from a partner, therefore having more success in love.

  • Love, Relationships & Dating
    I will explain the scientific reasons why you are getting stuck, why you have similar issues come up in different relationships and how to make changes within yourself so that you attract more healthy partners who can build lasting and loving relationships with you.

Over 17,000 women have been through this workshop series and have absolutely loved it.

Here’s what they have to say:

Debbi Carberry is a Relationship Coach and the creator of Rewrite Your Relationship Story. She has been helping women over 40 for almost two decades to learn to love themselves, find happiness and have healthy loving relationships.

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