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Loving Yourself

Today I want to talk to you about loving yourself and letting other people love you too.

What I’ve noticed in my clinic, with women in particular, is when they need love the most – they feel like they deserve it the least.

When we are in a space of anger, shame or maybe dealing with some regrets about mistakes we have made.  Or perhaps we are not feeling great and experiencing things like anxiety and depression – or we have experienced trauma.

When these strong big emotions come along we shut down and sort of curl up in a ball to keep people at a distance; even though what we really need is to open up and let people in to help them to soothe us.

There is a chemical in the brain called oxytocin it’s the connection or love chemical – it is the chemical that actually makes things better.  When we allow others in then what happens is it activates a flush of oxytocin in your brain and it helps you to feel connected and soothed.

There is research in the USA at the moment where they have done MRI’s on people brains and they can actually see changes in how the brain copes with pain when a person is expecting a strong sense of connection to someone that they love.  Don’t underestimate a cuddle – it is really important and it can really help us when we are held by someone we love and care about.

When you feel like you deserve it the least it may be that you need it the most.  Let people love you – it makes a huge difference in your life.

If you struggle with things like letting people in and would like some help with that them, please contact me at the website …


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