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Mindful Moments

Today I want to talk with you about how busy our lives can feel and how many people live in overwhelm a lot of the time.    There is always a ton of stuff to do.

I want to help you grab yourself some time – lots of people think that taking some time out means 15 to 30 minutes but it is possible to take a short mindful moment really quickly in just a couple of minutes.

Mindful moments can include all of our five senses.  Mindfulness helps us to be in our present moment without judgement.

Using the sense of sight –  what can you see right now?  Just sitting still either inside or outside and taking in a couple of deep breath and noticing what you see.  It might be that you can see birds, or maybe cars, or maybe you can see clouds.  Alternatively, there might be something beautiful in front of you.  So take a moment during your day to stop and really look the things around you.

Moving to hearing – What can you hear right now?  You might be really blessed and able to close your eyes and hear birds or traffic or maybe something else off in the distance.  But try to focus really closely and listening really sharply to see what you can hear.

Next we move to taste – whilst you are eating you can be mindful.  Notice the texture of your food and the heat of it.   What does it feel like in your mouth?  You can get really mindful with food and slow down and really focus on what you are eating.

Now let’s think about touch.  When you’re holding somebody’s hand does it feel warm is it soft and smooth or maybe there are calluses?   You could also focus when stroking a pet or touching a piece of fabric.

Finally, we come to smell and there are so many smells all around us.  Maybe flowers, perfume or the fumes of a car (which are not very pleasant) but mindfulness is about noticing without judgement.

So today slow down and observe without judgement when listening hearing seeing smelling and tasting.

Be in your moment just for that moment – take the opportunity to tune into to your senses in a mindful way.

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