Moving into 2015

//Moving into 2015

Moving into 2015

On New Year’s Eve each year I spend some time reflecting on the year that I have had, thinking about the goals I set last year, if I achieved them and to what degree. Moving into 2015 tonight I will write my new goals for the coming year. I find this practice a wonderful way to begin a new chapter, I don’t see these as New Year’s resolutions so much as planning for the year ahead.

For many a new year’s resolution involves a promise to ourselves to change something, either get rid of an old unhelpful or unhealthy habit or change the way we interact with others.

Here are some common ones

  • Work/family balance (less work)
  • Drink less
  • Eat less fast food
  • Pay off credit debt
  • Learning something new
  • Be more patient
  • Be happy (accomplish small things)
  • Exercise
  • Save some money
  • Lose weight
  • Go back to study
  • Find a partner
  • Stop smoking

As we all know many New Year’s resolutions may last for a few day or weeks but slowly the resolve is gone and people are back to where they started.

Here are a few tips

To help you set goals that are achievable and will last over time:

Try not to change too many things at once – so if your goal is to kick a bad habit, focus on that, adding multiple changes can set you up for failure.
Be really specific about the goal and make sure it’s attainable, I usually plan out steps and timelines to help keep me on task
I love to track how I’m doing, whether it’s some online program or app or a spreadsheet that tracks my progress over time. I think this is a huge motivator.
Measure success in as many ways as you can. This way if things feel like they have stalled you have other ways of measuring your success
Find ways to keep yourself motivated, the more fun the activities the more engaged you will become. Joining like-minded people can be very helpful.
Let people you know and care about know about your goals, get other involved or join a group with a similar goal. This can really help you be accountable and stay motivated when things get a bit tough.

Whatever your goals are for the coming year…..

Aim high, be ‘seen’ and take all the courage you have and back yourself. Dreams really do come true

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!!!!!

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