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A membership community that focuses on relationship transformation.

I will help you to move from hurting to loving.

Let me support and empower you to have the relationship that you not only long for but deserve.

Once you join the Rewrite Your Relationship Story Membership Program you will be able to access the tools and techniques used successfully by the hundreds of women I have worked with to create loving, meaningful connections in their lives.

This powerful program will gently and compassionately guide you back to where you were always intended to be – in a loving, heart-felt and deeply nourishing relationship with yourself and others.

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And, weirdly, for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel like I’m failing. There’s a different energy in my house, and it feels a little like a rebirthing. There’s a shifting of focus and a respecting of growth, I find blessings in places I was afraid of …


Debbi saved our family! She is professional, practical, down to earth and relatable. She challenged me to think differently and supported me through an incredible amount of change. I am often reflecting back to everything she gave me and I sincerely miss the regular support, guidance, and encouragement she gave me. If only we could clone her!


I started working with Debbie when my Marriage had fallen apart. I am not sure what I hoped to gain, but honestly I needed some good information on how to move forward. I signed up for one of Debbi’s groups, and truthfully.. my world changed. Through the work we did in the group and the time I spent with Debbi, it was all of a sudden very evident where things went so wrong for so long. And moreover, I got information on how to fix those patterns and prevent similar things from happening again. I found my voice. I started to LOVE myself!! I found a tribe of women that were all in this together, Sharing wisdom, love, heartache and success!! I can’t imagine going back now!! Debbi has changed the way I look at my situation, has challenged me to see the hard truth in it all, and supported me to make some important changes. All I can say is.. if you are ready to walk out of the fog… and make some positive steps forward… you’ve come to the right place!!


Start rewriting your relationship story today



What we work on in the Membership

  • The way we select our partner and give and receive love is called attachment so I am going to demystify love for you by helping you to decode and understand how you learned to love.
    I will teach you what your attachment style is and help you to understand what your partners and even your children’s are so that you can be more responsive in your relationship dance
  • We dive right into communication and what common things bring us unstuck. I give clear and simple strategies and resources to help you have more loving and connected communication that helps you to resolve issues quickly as well as get your needs met
  • Boundaries are an important part of all healthy relationships. I walk you through the three types of boundaries and how you can set them and maintain them so that you take good care of yourself and others

  • Give and take in relationships is really important and needs to be in balance. When this is out of balance anger and resentment can bubble to the surface. We work together to find ways to create daily balance in your life so that you can feel you are both giving and receiving in healthy ways in all of your relationships
  • Love is in inside job and so one of the most important parts of our work together will be helping you to love yourself. We work on self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-love so that you can share those gifts you develop with the people who you love every day
  • I will assist you to be more relationally mindful so that you can move away from knee jerk reactions to being more reflective and response to yourself and your partner this will make all of the other work we do together so much easier
  • I will show you how to feel empowered in your relationship and how to empower and cherish your partner so that they can be open to loving you in the ways that you need them to
  • One by one we will look at and address the six ways that keep couples really stuck and how to move past them all

Let’s start the journey


You will receive

  • Monthly videos that focus on common relationship issues (one each month)

  • Worksheets to help you to understand and change things in your relationships and yourself

  • Live question and answer sessions to get personalized help with your biggest issues

  • A private membership area to access all the material

  • A private Facebook page to access daily support and encouragement

  • Connection to other women who have similar struggles to you


Women just like you who want to improve their relationships, the ones with themselves, their partners and their children.

As long as you are a member you can access the membership area

No, you are free to cancel your membership at any time

The membership is set up so that you can come in and out when you need to.  Videos can be accessed at a time and day that works in with your schedule.  We offer videos and audios (mp3) so that you can listen on your commute or while doing other activities.  As a busy woman and mum myself I have kept all of the content as small bite size pieces so that you never have to feel overwhelmed.

Videos and handouts are on a secure website which you sign into.  The FB group is closed so no one but the other members can see anything that you post.  Our live calls are on a secure website that only participants can see.  I have a confidentiality clause in the welcome pack as the privacy of all members is of the utmost importance to me.

In the first month if you are not completely satisfied I am happy to refund in full your fee. After the first month we do not provide refunds, however you are able to cancel your membership at any time.

If you have a question and need assistance please contact our support team at


I come from a marriage that did not last and have a young child. Understanding why I am the way I am helped me to understand why my marriage didn’t work & has also been helpful with me starting a new relationship and navigating the issues I’ve had within that relationship.

It’s been really refreshing to have such a different outlook on things. And to be able to grow and accept myself for who I am, what I want and what I need. I still have a lot of work to do. I still have a lot of growth personally.  I need to work on being more brave and more courageous. I am confident that continuing to work with Debbi will allow me to do so.


Let’s start the journey


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