Separation and Kids

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Separation and Kids

Separation and kids
What is the biggest issue for kids when it comes to divorce and separation?

What most people will say to me in my clinic is – we should keep families intact as that is really important for kids – and when I speak to kids they say I wish they didn’t!

So what I know for sure is – it is not divorce or separation that makes kids have a really difficult time. Its parents in conflict – unhappy parents and unfulfilled parents.

For a lot of kids what they really need is for their parents to be in a great place.

So when you are thinking ‘let’s stay together for the kids’ please don’t. Your children need you and want you to be happy and your kids will cope really well if you are.

The data is really clear – it is not divorce that causes long term problems for your children – its conflict and unhappiness.

So if you are in conflict with your partner it is best to either try to resolve it and if that is not possible for the two of you to move on. And when and if you do move on – to resolve the conflict. Don’t keep it going.

There is lots of help these days for couples. There is a variety of therapeutic interventions – either face to face or online.

So it’s really important – if you can – try to reduce the conflict for your kids.

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