Good Time Management Skills to Manage Parenting Stress

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Good Time Management Skills to Manage Parenting Stress

I understand the importance of good time management skills to manage parenting stress.  Many parents feel rushed for time, overloaded with commitments for family, their relationship and work which invariably leads to parenting stress.

With little chance of finding more time we need to get creative with our time management skills.

Having a plan is crucial

I use my online calendar to plan what needs to happen with family and work. I colour code everything and add reminders so that I am aware of what is coming up and when – this means I don’t miss deadlines or special occasions or all of the appointments and social engagements.


Once you have a list, work out what needs to be done according to priority and what can either be done later or not at all (it’s okay to say no to some things).


Get your kids and partner to pitch in with the work – they may not do it your way but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

DON’T overschedule

There are so many things going on for kids and family, not to mention work and our social lives.  I hear of kids doing several activities each day after school – over-scheduling can be very detrimental.

Make organizing and chores fun

When my kids were little I would literally set a timer or play a game of ‘clean up’ where everyone pitched in for 10 minutes – it was good fun and we always got the task completed really quickly.

Learn to say no

It is really important to be able to say no – many people over-commit themselves and end up feeling completely overwhelmed.  As a beautiful colleague says … don’t say yes to someone else if you have to say no to yourself.  We have to be our own priority.

Put up the Do Not Disturb notice!

Its really easy to get distracted with phone calls, emails and colleagues (or family).  If you have a lot to get done do not let anything interrupt and set a time for 30 minutes (10 if you are at home and need to get through chores) and work to complete one important thing at a time.


There are so many things that we feel are absolutely critical but, in my opinion, they are not.  It is great to have times of doing NOTHING.  In my family we plan a weekend at least once a month of not running around and just kicking back at home.


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