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Speaking to be Heard

Communication – Speaking to be Heard

Speaking to be heard and listening to hear.

It seems really simple – people talk to us all of the time but I wonder how often you really listen?

We speak so that the other person can hear us but sometimes for those that we love and care about deeply we really need them to hear us.

Unfortunately for a lot of us we listen to react and response to what is being said.

We are preparing a couple of words in what our reaction will be to what the other person is saying.  Rather just really being with and listening to what they are saying.

When you want to hear someone you need to really slow down.

It’s helpful to say:

I hear you

I want to understand you

Or paraphrase what they are saying – briefly tell them what you heard them say

That sends the message that says I hear you.

We need to listen not just with our ears but also listen with our hearts.  In this way the people who are speaking to us really feel that in an incredibly beautiful way.

So listen with your heart.

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