Unhelpful Thinking Habits

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Unhelpful Thinking Habits

Unhelpful Thinking Habits  – Stop listening to the noise in your mind!

Your brain does not always tell you the truth – don’t believe your thoughts.

There are so many unhealthy thinking habits that people have and they can really get in the way of us having a happy fulfilling connected life.

Some of them are things like making mountains out of molehills or taking information as a fact when it is just an opinion.

Also we might live in our memories.  We might be triggered by something from our history that has nothing to do with today but we might still get quite stuck in it.

So I want you to stop paying attention to your mind – because it may be leading you down the garden path.

We need to question some of our thoughts.

For example, when it comes to facts and opinion sometimes people will say things or do things and we automatically believe that to be truth.

What I say to my clients is stop for a second and ask yourself is this a fact or is it an opinion.

I have a red shirt on – that is an actual fact.  Is it an attractive shirt?  Well that’s an opinion that is something that different people will have an opinion on.  Some will say yes – some will say no – some will say they could care less.

So facts and opinions are really important things for us to stop and check in on.

If you have unhelpful thinking habits and you would like to work on them you can get in touch with me at the website https://debbicarberry.com.au/work-with-me/

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