So who am I?

I’m Debbi Carberry, mother of four kids – three sons aged 18 to 13 and one daughter aged 12. Im a wife (partner) to a great, funny and very smart man and Im a clinical social worker (these are just a few of the many roles I undertake)

 What’s that then?

Here in Australia few people know what a clinical social worker is yet alone what we actually do. Im a psychotherapist – a counsellor – someone who helps people work out their stuff and hopefully assist them in moving forward in whatever way they feel they need to.

Why ?

Mmmmm   well this is an interesting question … why do I do what I do? Well it began many years ago when one of my children was born with a life threatening illness. I remember a therapist at the hospital trying to help me accept what was a very challenging time. I recall thinking … “ she has no idea … I could so do this better than her”. It could have been a complete lack of sleep or my need at the time to have a sense of purpose but I decide I would retrain and become a social worker.

Move forward some 15 years and here I am … I feel I have a sense of purpose and I am passionate about what I do.


How do I actually do therapy with clients? Gosh Im smiling just thinking what some of my clients might say. I took a look at some of the feedback clients had left on my website; they said things like:

Down to earth, fun, intuitive, gets to the heart of things, professional with a great sense of humour and practical.  

How would I describe how I do my work …   I like to meet people where they are emotionally, I like to raise their awareness about the alternatives they could try, I like to help them see that they are good enough just as they are and that they can move through the issues they are facing, even when they feel sure that they cant

I respect the vulnerability needed to sit in front of a complete stranger and share the most personal side of themselves and I feel privileged to do so.

Come with me?

And so begins my clinical blog – I will write frequently about lots of topics that are people face every day. I will share my knowledge in the areas of mental and emotional health. I will also discuss topics in relation to adults, children, couples and families.

I invite you to come along for the journey and if you would like to leave a comment, ask questions or share your own experiences please do so.

Until next time …….  

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